rain rain go away…

we were supposed to hv cross country today.. but it rained heavily.. n now my legs are soaking wet.. argh.. n den tis com cannot type chinese.. nvm la muz hav a change at times.. hehe.. i’m skipping music today cuz got handbells.. aih.. yup yup.. mayb goin for movies tis weekend.. celebrate birthday in advance! haha.. budden dunno wad to watch le.. anione has suggestions?


2 thoughts on “rain rain go away…

  1. hey xiao mei, y suddenly angry at me? i know u updatin blog everytime la.. i read it very often.. jz din simply leave comment only.. sorry 4 everythin la.. & sorry 4 i break promise 4 not visit u during ur b’day.. erm.. she gone d.. i’m shhooooo sad..

  2. hihi xiao mei mei…i am in kl now..staying in my aunt’s house..tmr will only move my things to prima there….i miss ur bro so much..hehe…heard he said tat u r comin back 2 pg rite..?..but unlucky tat time i am not in pg lo…take care ya…good luck for ur exam..

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