i’m at changi..

supposed to fetch amy reaching from kuching.. mana tahu she said her flight delayed so here i am in mcdonald onlining.. ystrdy i was so depressed i couldn’t get any work done.. :( sad.. aih.. hope today will be better……..

anyway, 1 of e advantages of me being here in s’pore is det i can c mayday more often!!! mayday seldom goes 2 m’sia..even if they did they’d probably go 2 kl onli…dun tink they would stop by penang..but..come to tink of it y not huh?? fir came too…penny, jj, leehom, dt all came.. y huh!!?? sigh….mayb not enough mayday fans in penang larr.. okie..waiting for 6th of august..go c mayday!! hope can go wif fan club ppl or md fans.. :) den i won’t b so lonely lorr…cuz its so near prelim i dun tink khoon wil go wif me.. :(

okla..i’m practically talkin nth here..bla bla bla.. cheer up man!!


2 thoughts on “i’m at changi..

  1. hey, who knows, maybe i’ll be going to see mayday with you! what’s it about? where is it?okay, you tell me yeah? but actually only 50% of chance that i will be going. haha… see first lah… see you…

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