waha..haven blog in english for a very long time.. :p no lar, i’m jus lazy to type in chinese and i’m very cold! aih…e library is freezing le..and i hv been freezing in the lecture theatre too…did our DISC profiling.. i’m a high S!
hv mixed feelings upon arriving in singapore…tis might b my last days living treasure my time here.. :D
actually i’m very tired now cuz i’m still having my flu and i onli had 3 hrs of sleep laz night. y? haha, cuz me and khoon rewatched 桃色蛋白质,康熙来了,红孩儿…. although i hv watched all of them a couple of times but.. still very interesting to watch mayday.. haha..
i muz say 红孩儿 is a great cartoon. I think of masa every time i c 孙悟空!haha..i’m begining to like him more n more…but! i muz not b 偏心..hehe..yea, e plot is quite interesting and the animation is so cute…can u believe it, they even used english and hokkien in it! haha..yea…it’s quite modernised as they mentioned email and 摇头丸in the cartoon…
aha! and then! the unbelievable! this was wad masa, oops, 孙悟空, said when he was inside 铁扇公主’s stomach..he wanted her fan but she didn’t want to give her so..
haha! i wonder what was ming’s reaction when he saw tis..

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