I’m growing old…

I seldom blog in english… budden e stupid com..cannot type chinese…and den hv to use han sheng….so troublesome so nvm la jz blog in english..haha..
ystrdy had hcl paper..which was okay..i wrote mayday into both my paper 1 and 2! haha…den we went to chinatown….to change money and buy cds for my fren…guess wad!!! i din bring my money out..  but nvm…
and i did smth very very…..dumb thing ystrdy……..
i stood there in front of visma from 3-430pm, waiting for the 101 limited edition of just my pride….and i did smth very dumb too!!!
i bought it.
sigh….juz couldn’t resist it…but i promised myself i wil NOT but another ‘gai ban’ animore.. this wil be the first and the last time..
nvm..i like e limited edition very much…everything in it is so nice… and maybo!!!! oh no he is so cute…
me and sze promised each other to go watch e rocking canes concert on 2050. hehe.
welll….crap a lot today…well..i feel kinda sad cuz all my juniors left d. and dear amy gave me this letter before she left det made me cry til…. sigh..
i am growing old d la……i dowan!!!!!

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