Looking for trouble

I am not done with my social studies revision yet.. >.< still hav a few chapters..i’m skipping the theme growth of nations. no offence but its really hard to study about a country u despise so much.
argh. have to finish revising social studies, music, and physics by tonight at least.
u know why i’m in such a hurry?
shh. tell ya a secret…
goin 2 study wif limin, khoon, jas, tmr morning..till 4pm..den we’ll be going to suntec for e s’pore hit awards promotion thingy–energy, fish, rebecca is going.
well, why am i going?? mayday isn’t going.
i’m going to support energy that is why. i think they need support. i still remember when toro left, their popularity suddenly wane..budden it rose again after a while..i cannot imagine wad will happen now milk has left. honestly, they are not my cup of tea, i mean music wise, budden i do admire them for their attitude and their dance–so i think they are worth of my support and my time. den..can go and support fish and rebecca at the same time la.
den…friday morning, i’m going to the airport at 6 to fetch mayday….cuz my music paper is 230pm. haha. sze says i’m trying to get inspiration from ashin for my music paper. wadever..haha.. den, afternoon, hit awards star walk. i’m quite excited cuz..haha…haven been to star walk before lei.. :)
saturday goin for fish’s autograph session with jasmine..support malaysians!
well..i might be looking for trouble cuz next week is the start of my o levels.. haha..
but…my last few weeks in s’pore d..have to make it interesting la.. :)
and of course i will have to work extra hard for my o levels. :) i have faith in myself!!!! yup.

3 thoughts on “Looking for trouble

  1. yooo!!! i miss u.i think haven’t seen u for a long timme! nvm.seeing u tmr.haha.OH YEAH.how come amy is not going!ohh.she went back to msia izzit?

  2. 你也是ENERGY的歌迷哦那五只的演唱会你有福啦ENERGY是嘉宾哦~~看你的英文我好头大哦是不是有些都是缩写啊看样子我该是提升我的英文水平了羞愧中啊~~

  3. ahhhh! i went to the promotional event yesterday also!! ahah then when zhi yong mentioned mayday i auto screamed XP

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