New Life

Suddenly feel like blogging in english..dunno y…haha.. but i’m talking to xiao yu in chinese though..
Now in com lab waiting for my math lecture..dunno y e com cannot detect my usb port..grrr..
I’m not complaining actually…
Nanyang JC is quite cool..e school is big and new…met 2 frens from my og, 1 is from china and 1 is from taiwan.. so cool..haha..but i think we’re quite funny..we speak in english and chinese..hehe…AND THEY ARE BOTH MAYDAY FANS! woohoo..
Lectures this week, orientation after hols..the lectures aren’t boring..the teachers are quite nice..ppl here aren’t as ‘smart-brained’ la.. so not so pressured..they are even surprised det i haven’t heard of nyjc before..and there are like hundreds of ppl appealing for nyjc lo! shocked…but e school is dominated by cedar girls and beatty sec(i think), cuz xiaoyu has been meeting many of her schoolmates for dunno how many times..i really hope i can apply for lep..kok teng, xiaoyu, xiaoshuang, yang hao got into lep..and stupid me applied for mep…went to look for hod thrice and she wasn’t there..dunno wad’s e problem..sigh..I WANT LEP!
Then there’s my hostel. Oldham hall is actually quite nice..except that it is as strict as nygbs, mayb stricter…roll call everyday…me and xiaoshuang(my roomie) were so blur…haha…and ppl in oldham hall are friendly..they’ll jz walk up to u and talk to u! so shocking…and my room is airconed! And this is probably e 1st time i’m like so close to my roomie although i’ve only known her for 3 days..thanks to sze..e only thing i’m not used of is the toilet…we hav a shared toilet for each cluster.. :( well..e good pt is i dun need to clean toilets anymore and i hate that..
Went for Oldham chapel last night and i met shereen’s sister…haha..though she doesn’t rmbr me..AND i almost kena hourly report cuz i got caught talking to ec(my primary classmate) in the lobby during study hours! and i din know det..i was stunned when mr andrew came along, asking us to report to the office…of cuz i was let off..partly bcuz i was new and also i went to chapel so i was excused..but i felt a little bad cuz ec said he nvr got caught b4…although he alwaz skips study hours… :p
I seriously think that God placed me there for a purpose..i realised that i hav not left methodist grounds entirely for as long as i hv stayed in s’pore! its amazing..1st i was in Nanyang Girls Boarding and Methodist Girls School, noe i’m in Oldham Hall(Barker Road Methodist) and Nanyang JC! c how i’m so you yuan wif methodist and nanyang…oh, and we gather for assembly and blessing prayer every sunday.. i think God wants me to know He is alwaz there.. :) in this way i wil nvr forget i’m a christian and i won’t forget to go to church.. cuz now there are 2 churches jz outside of my hostel..hahaha..

One thought on “New Life

  1. 我又是无名氏!你喜欢你学校就好,其实我没有很讨厌这里啦,只是不甘心我不能读我要读的科目。星期六见啰,可是我要去国大吉他社表演,你呢?

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