love <3

i shall attempt to make this blogging thing a regular, yet again =]

had a great day of shopping with mum today. YAY. love shopping with my mum because i don’t need to worry about money :D and she will give straight and spontaneous advice on whether the piece is suitable or worthy enough. :D i think i’m starting to like shopping. dunno if its a good thing or not. bought lots of shirts and a bag :D and we had a good lunch of xiaolongbao’s and ramen and dragon-i, like finally! happy and satisfied :D

came back to family time and tv time.

anyway stumbled upon a couple of my uni acquaintances facebook and realised that those attached were no longer and some were attached. haha. love is as unpredictable as life. with all our overseas relatives swarming over for a big reunion, there’s always the talk of growing up and marriage. well. i can’t say that i don’t long for a partner in life but i guess its alright being alone for now =] at least until the right one appears. gotta keep praying!


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