the seagull stole my calamari rings

today started bright. i woke up at 6 and couldn’t sleep anymore so i skyped home =] skype is the best internet invention ever.

after bank we went searching for a good real american breakfast and we found golden coffee cafe. according to robert, an extremely nice stranger who treated us to breakfast, its a ‘secret’ breakfast place that locals love. and it was really good and simple :D and the funny thing is, the whole place is managed by chinese. hehe trust chinese to come up with good food =] the chat over breakfast with robert and the treat really made our day. the warmth and friendliness of the people around us are really amazing!

blowed away at the golden gate bridge

then we walked towards the fishermen wharf, passing lombard street the crookedest street in the world on our way. what a gem! spent the whole day walkingggg but it was good fun. ate free chocolate at ghiradelli, saw seagulls (who were greedy and violent) and sealions (who were lazy and boring but interesting to stare), went to the aquarium, went on a cruise with the wind/breeze? so strong it almost killed me, saw alcatraz, golden gate bridge and bay bridge.

a stupid seagull whooped down and stole a whole bunch of the calamari rings in my hand in a split second. was super mad at them to think i liked them so much before that and kept wow-ing at them. >.< luckily our clam chowder was untouched!

and so after a whole lot of walking and getting lost, our second day in san francisco ended on a satisfactory note. :]

feeling much better today. thank God for safety and for internet. I shall attempt to reply all the written messages by email.


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