squirrels and john lennon made my day

today’s the last day we’ll be in san francisco.

we spent quite some time at the hippie street, Haight-Ashbury. which, kononnya is the place where hippie culture first started out, and is like the mecca for hippies. it was quite an interesting walk though, hippies only reminds me of beatles and woodstock actually. HAHA. bought quite some stuff, a john lennon book (!), one written by himself and not one about him. hahaha. and also a few cds including a john lennon one, at the huge amoeba cd shop.

after which we headed to golden gate park with hot pizza in our hands. golden gate park was actually quite a disappointment though. but the squirrels made the day :D squirrels here have this bushy translucent tail, and they aren’t afraid of people. they’ll just come right near you! and they are actually attracted to the shutter sound of the camera HAHA.

i’m still amazed by how people start talking to each another randomly when they are in close proximity. hehhhh. goodbye San Francisco! i actually can’t wait to settle down in Austin and feel the warmthhhhhh.


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