living the dream

sometimes you really have to be careful with the things that you want. i realize i’ve been experiencing all that i have always dream of doing ever since i’ve reached america. like how i really wanted to be in a cold country (brrr san francisco), like how i really wanted to be a backpack traveller, and how i really wanted to live in the country side.

i’m staying at riverside austin now, and it really feels like the outskirts. the bus and people rarely come by, eateries and stores far apart. it feels like we are stucked in a world of our own.

yes this feels like a dream, but it doesn’t seem quite right. it isn’t really how i expect it to be, but it isn’t too bad as well. surprises are in store everywhere.

walked to church alone this morning for 45 minutes and came back with blisters. with my horrible sense of direction and the scorching hot sun, i’m actually surprised that i didn’t give up at all. as how my buddy describes it as a test of faith, while i was on my way today i have come to realise that my faith has indeed been stretched greatly this few months. somehow i know that God would bring me there, and that He would be there for me somehow.

goodness in a mug

Parker  Lane UMC was surprisingly small as a congregation and i was given the super star treatment. haha everyone wanted to know who this tiny chinese girl who popped out from nowhere is. and i was shown kindness once again. the pastor gave me a month long bus pass without even asking if i would be back. and a church member drove me around austin. pure kindness shown to a stranger like me, there are things in this world that i would never fathom. and this is how i believe, that God’s love is everywhere.


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