moving on.

it has been a good 5 days since i last updated. days have been slow and progressive.

we’ve finally moved in our apartment, although there is no furniture nor internet (yet), its comforting to know that there is a place i can stretch and roll and do whatever i want. :D

hello home.

the past few days involved a lot of walking and meeting new people. its really a whole new experience to see God’s plan revealed at different points of time through different people, at this stranger place. in the midst of making new friends, i’m really grateful that i went to Nagoya in June. It has really trained me to talk to strangers and new friends really well =] well considering how lazy i am to socialize and talk in the past. at least i’m no longer feeling uncomfortable with it!

its a big big world out here, and i’m still learning. i’m thankful for this opportunity, and also for the comfort i have back home.


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