the land of roller coasters


i’ve always been a big fan of roller coasters and crazy rides. i love the thrills and the suspense of not knowing what will be happening to you next.

spent the day at six flags arlington today. boy it was crazy. went on the hugest tallest craziest rides i’ve ever been on. not one, not two, but loads of them o.o from 2-8pm. 6 hours of heart attacks and surprises. i felt like i’ve had enough for this lifetime. at least for now. for a vertically challenged and suppressed vertigo, being 25 stories off the ground, i think its the maximum i can take for now.

being on a record of rides for today, it reminded me that life IS like a roller coaster. after tons of ups and downs, you start feeling numb. after awhile everything seems the same. and yet through all the ups and downs, you still feel surprised by each and every sharp turn of current. yes this is life.

and again, life is full of surprises. i’ve been looking at the letter countless times since i’ve received it. will this be another sharp turn in my life?


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