eggs in a cave

went on the natural bridge cavern and san marcos outlet tour with our international office. the rocks were pretty fascinating but i must say i don’t really know how to appreciate stones and caves. haha i love the nature and all like skies lakes grass and animals but stones i really don’t get. they look all the same no matter where!

in remembrance.

it was 911 yesterday so all the flags around texas were half mounted. can’t believe it has been 10 years since the incident. it feels really recent because its still discussed very often now. no matter what the truth is, the fact is that life is unpredictable.

watched the recent a christmas carol and it was good. vividly painted. i’ve gotta say i love charles dickens. must read his other books soon! i’ve only read oliver twist and this. oliver twist is one of my favourite books too. i love how the movie closed with scrooge yelling,

live it up folks, you’ll be a long time dead. don’t let the worms have all the fun!


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