santa monica

our last day in california, we spent our morning chilling and walking along the beaches of santa monica. i must say it is the loveliest quietest beach i’ve ever been to =] love it! its just really relaxing to feel the sand, sun and the wind around you.

did i mention that my new hobby is annoying the seagulls? ahahahahaha its really really fun *wicked laughter* and its in revenge of their cousins who stole my calamari rings in san francisco! hurumphhhhhh

hi matt!

and just when we thought that our last day would end peacefully, we met matt parkman from heroes! ahahaaa i was quite excited because i’m a huge fan of heroes! i used to wait impatiently for every weekend to come so that i can watch the latest episode. oh wells! so sad its over and it didn’t end well. but it was really cool to meet a nice and friendly actor!


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