purpose of life

we went to a whole lot of places in seattle today, travelling on car is a huge blessing :) don’t think we would be able to see that much of seattle by public transport. our first stop was this lock that controls the flow between the lakes and the sea, and they have a fish ladder for salmon viewing.

my first time seeing real swimming salmons; haha i’m not much of a national geographic fan but i was truly impressed by their efforts of living. swimming against the current all the way from the sea back to their place of birth, that’s a really long journey! but none of them gave up, no matter how old and tired they felt. i wonder what runs in their minds? and in comparison, we humans seem so small in spirit. we give up on our dreams, our purpose in life, even our life so easily.

i think we should always push ourselves forward, and tell ourselves that there’s no turning back. even against the current, we only have the future to look forward to. and goooooooooooooooooo. live a salmon life.

feels awesome to feel home in this foreign land, where we trip and fall and feel out of place. ♥

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