one man’s dream

today we visited the hollywood studios in walt disney world. it was sorta more adult oriented, with lots of stunt shows and hollywood related rides and shows. the closing show was literally ‘FANTASMIC’ and that was memorable. but what i learnt about walt disney was something that really moved me.

i’ve grown up watching disney cartoons and films, and i’m sure its the same for every kid in my generation. but we never really knew much about walt disney the man, or what comes behind those cartoons and those dreams they give us. we went to watch a short film about this man named walt disney in the one man’s dream show. it is really overwhelming that everything that i’m experiencing now and so many figments of my childhood has been influenced by this man’s dream, and his sheer belief and determination in making dreams come true.

dreams do come true. we’ve all been a part of this dream of Walt. never say never :]

partners for life

taken in disneyland anaheim. he used to say it all started with a mouse; but really, we all know it started with a man’s dream :’]

on another note, i finally have a 情侣照 with my beloved Pooh bear!!!

my silly old bear ^.^

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