a happy touristy day

the day began with my composition final recital. alright i was a little nervous because i couldn’t find my players in time so i had to play my midi file instead. and it sounded different from what i’m used to hearing when i played it out loud for mom the other day. oh but the recital was so exciting! my classmates are really adventurous and talented. i was so nervous when my piece was played that i wasn’t exactly listening to my piece. but the praises and comments came tumbling in so unexpectedly after the song that my mind was in a state of blankness. i almost cried tears of joy when the next piece started playing. :] it is strangely encouraging when you get acknowledgements from strangers! i was really overjoyed.

after that i went out to be a tourist in austin for a day. walking along the streets of austin, went to the texas state capitol building, which was really pretty and informative; went to whole foods and gawk at the amount and quality of food there and ate free food samples; went to bookpeople and talked to a cute little girl who was raising funds to go to DC; drove pass the zilker park christmas tree; went to south congress for window shopping and awesome pizza ^.^

a new found friend

oh and i made a new friend from Taiwan who was travelling around alone.
life is an adventure filled with unexpected surprises!

warmness all the way from sunny singapore

to end my perfect day, i received a package full of love and warmth all the way from singapore! hand warmers and a woolly scarf to keep me warm for the rest of my journey. i was really touched beyond words.

thank you God for a lovely wonderful day :]


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