as weird (unbelievable) as eating yoshinoya in new york

i was pretty nervous while waiting for ryo and kenta, my first friends from nanzan;
we’ve only met in june and we haven’t seen each another for months!
and so i prayed to God for a good time of fellowship and friendship.
yet the expression on ryo’s face when he saw me through that starbuck window just swept away all my worries.

the little little things that happened today just kept tugging at my heart and reminding me of my attachment to japan, especially nagoya.

things like:
hearing them speak in japanese and (getting very fluent! [:) english
their genuine care and concern for friends
their pure heart for music, passion and life
their life perspectives and goals…

i’m really grateful that we had this chance to know each another better,
to face the cold of New York wind together,
to talk about our experiences in America,
to chat about what the future holds for us,
to share our excitement for John Lennon at Dakota House and Strawberry Field…

and to know that they are as excited to see me as i am excited to see them.
as ryo very accurately but hilariously puts it,
it is as weird (i think he meant unbelievable HAHA) as eating yoshinoya in new york
and yes, i think God has the bestest plans for each and everyone of us in our life ♥

at that final farewell on the subway,
with each bear hug from them i felt tears coming to my eyes.
not only because
i don’t know when i will have a chance to meet these dear friends again;
meeting them in new york was like a huge christmas present from God to me.

but also because i was reminded of that night on the subway at nagoya,
where we and our nagoya friends teared with each goodbye that was said,
and the guy i just met for days who cried endlessly as we left on the moving subway…

and i know that i love japan not only because of the place, the culture and the stories;
but because of the people, the emotional attachment and the burden on my heart that God has laid.


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