this stopover has made me realize the amount of people that matter to me in my life, especially in this tiny island.

8 years of friendship

27/12, met up with khoon my bestest friend in my life right now. She is someone whom I know I can say anything and everything at anytime. We listen to each another and we can go on and on about life. It is amazing how we’ve came such a long way although we are such different people. Time spent together is always as comfortable as a couch :]

my little sister and our papa panda

28/12, met up with my one and only sister. I feel so much for her although we’ve only started to confide in each another. Haha I’m sure it has nothing to do with us looking alike but I always feel like hugging her heh. I see some of myself in her, we’re both small and tough but we have a soft heart. She’s definitely one friend and family I don’t want to lose :]

NTU crusaders

28/12, met up with crusaders. Campus crusade has slowly become a big part of my uni life. My family in Christ these few years, with people that will readily lend me spiritual support and love. I miss our fellowship.


okay this was taken before i left for america

29/12, met up with my dear son Starsky for lunch. hehhhhh i really like how we can still get together and talk about life like the old times. like nothing has changed at all over the years.

love nagoya 2010

29/12, met up with Love Nagoya 2010 team. It was nice catching up with my roomie Ariana and getting to know about each another’s lives. With fluffy and ariana I feel like I’m reliving those times in Nagoya, a different life carefree of the worldly troubles. June in Nagoya changed my life eternally, I know I’ve said that a few times :]

30/12, met up with my dg girls. They were my only hesitation when I was considering my Beijing internship. Somehow it feels really cool to see how God has brought us together and how we’ve grown and shared our college lives.

the boys at the arcade

30/12, met up with the simpsons. Somehow I know how I’ve drifted apart from hall life but, I can’t deny that they are a substantial part of my uni life. Oh just think about all the crazy things we’ve been through together.


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