Looking back

for today i just followed mom around getting groceries and to work. i realized that i miss being a funny mischievous kid. 2010 has certainly been a year that has demanded me to be an adult in many ways.

so, my accomplishments of 2010 in 3 jump shots:

impre definitely was a highlight of the year. made a lot of good friends and contacts, materialized a lot of crazy dreams, marched on as a leader with loads of responsibilities. i realized that there will always be times in your life where you will be placed into a never-thought-of situation, and that is where you will fight back and grow tougher.

my first mission trip to a faraway land. getting there was difficult, it wasn’t exactly what i had in mind, the support raising was tough and there were lots of obstacles along the way. but i got there alright and i had a mind-blowing experience :] nagoya has humbled me in God’s mercy, and i saw God’s hand at work right in front of my eyes. it felt like we were fighting the battle at the very front line. so i saw and learnt a lot, and made lots of wonderful friends as well. i think i left a piece of my heart there.

america: seeing a lot of the world + first experience of being a backpacker and living out of a suitcase + tasting world class education. spent a lot of money but the experience was priceless. felt like a real adult settling adult stuff, when you realize that its only you and the world and there’s no one to turn to. stepped out of my small little comfort zone of 22 years; and i know that the way i look at the world will never be the same again.

i have been feeling reallll uncertain about leaving to see more of the world in 2 days time. but after reflecting on the past year in this blog post i’m all hyped up about making 2011 better, if not as great. so bring it on 2011!!! i can’t wait!


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