Fukushima disaster

just needed to heave this heavy thing off my chest.

i don’t understand.
how can anyone think, that
just because Japan is well prepared for earthquakes and whatnots,
they will be fine?

it doesn’t mean that because you are well prepared you deserve to experience all these disasters and earthquakes striking you again and again and again when you are trying so hard to stand up.

and now the nuclear danger level has gone on from 5 to 7 and it is on par with Chernobyl’s situation in the 1980s. and Chernobyl is as good as a dead piece of land right now with people suffering from after effects of the radiation.

How can anyone think that Japan will be okay, after knowing that an earthquake of 7.3 has hit the centre of Fukushima?

I really feel ashamed living in this generation of ignorance. True, we might not be able to do anything concrete to help the situation, but this is a current event that is happening near us, to our neighbours, and it hits my heart really violently.

If there is anything i can do for Japan, I would do.
But the least you can do, is to stop seeing this matter as something that is as trivial as a car accident next door.


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