Today was sort of eventful.

Firstly i cleared loads of debts. Finally submitted my compassionate leave application and my HSS GIP testimony which i have procrastinated for one whole week. Like phewwww. Haha! and i finally made my donation for the Japan earthquake to the Japan Evangelical Mission Association which I have been wanting to do for one whole month T.T hope its still not too late!

Secondly, today was the first time i felt sort of accomplished at work. I was tasked to be in charge of churning out the salary adjustment letters because my supervisor said i’m the most careful and efficient person in the office. And she told me that i will be getting a pay increase because of my performance in the past few months. And she told me that I will do fine in wherever i choose to go or whatever i choose to do in the future, because details might seem trivial but it is often those details that are overlooked that matter the most. I felt glad because after 4 months of what seems to be nothingness in terms of hard skill learning, my effort paid off and was acknowledged. I keep reminding myself again and again 要在大事上有作为,就要先证明你能在小事上完美。I felt happy that I was right after all.

Singapore, Toronto, Taipei, Beijing.

Oh and I had my first DG in months. Through skype! Gosh i miss my DG mates! it was fun and funny and heartwarming altogether, but i know God is seeking me. He isn’t giving up and I think I shouldn’t too. Thank you Lord, for all the signs.


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