what to say

actually i do have a lot to blog about; like my awesome visit to 798, the place literally made me feel home! and 林生祥’s concert which was sort of overwhelming. or my visits to the forbidden city and the great wall like finally! and my classes that have been really eye opening. so many things to talk about my fourth month here in this great city.

oh well anyway we just revived our internet. i’ve been surviving on glee lately. its like the only thing that keeps me sane :]

there’s something that really affected me today. the most good looking employee in our hotel has found out that he has eye problems. he can’t see through his left eye and so he went to get a check. it turned out to be pretty serious. he’s an intern like me, from america, 23 just like me. scares me to think of the uncertainties of life. even if i don’t know him personally. things just happen you know? i can’t imagine not being able to see. that would really kill me. even if it’s just one eye. sigh.


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