Jienne Mini

and so it was time to get new earphones again :X sigh i have a bad record with earphones. the longest one has lasted was 1 year. i bought my old sony earphones in america! and now one side is not working anymore. i’m getting more particular about sound ever since i got myself stereo headphones last birthday.

so after shopping in the sony shop i decided on the above headphones. they didn’t have many colors to choose from. i was deciding between peach pink and orange and finally i brought the pink one home. mine is the second from the top! they’re really cute like candy :D i hope this pair will last longer. i should make an effort to take more care of it.

so far the sound has been clear and crisp, but i think its on the sharp side. i miss my stereo earphones :[ sigh can’t pamper myself too much!


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