Tulips and Suayness

today must be one of those days. not only is it the period of the month, i fell sick after sleeping in between two sick people. not that i blame my roomies, i think its actually the weather in Beijing. its so hot and stuffy most of the time, especially when i’m in the subway station when a swarm of chinese crowd passes by i can feel the heat wave passing through me. hate that feeling. take that annoying weather plus strong random gusts of wind that comes whenever it wants. being southeast asians i don’t think we take hot+cold weather very well :[ and so.

and today i REALIZED that i hurt my ankle two days ago. yeah i am that slow :x i think i sprained it when i accidentally stepped into a railway track on sunday with my other foot and tripped. and all these while i thought the ache was due to the excessive walking (we walked 6 hours straight on sunday and 4+ hours on saturday) but no. it was due to a swollen ankle and now i can’t walk properly. garh.

talking about all these things reminded me of my visit to 中山公园 one fine Sunday in May. i wanted to see tulips (! favourite flower of all time) and the season was almost over, and on that one fine Sunday which i decided to pay the park a visit it rained. sigh. but still we braved the rain just to see those handsome flowers! okay i shall attempt to cheer myself up with the sights of these beautiful creations :D

a windmill to bring your imagination to holland
lovely pinkish tulips
the white tulips were the most nicely grown
doesn’t my UT umbrella match the red and yellow tulips!
me and my ancestor mr sun yat sen which the park is named after
special purple tulips
a pot of nice yellow tulips
a random white cat seeking shelter

the rain was kinda a blessing in disguise. the park was wet but quiet, and it was a nice afternoon stroll under our umbrellas surrounded by pretty flowers. spring is so lovely. its short but it gets us to appreciate nature, greenery and flowers, all of these which we take for granted back home.


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