Recent updates

I’ve been home for around two weeks. I know I need to start on my travelogues or I’ll never get them done. And all those memories will fade with me forever and ever one day. haha!

dark and tired

This was on the day I arrived home after my 7 hour nap hahaha. We went for dinner and had fun with fisheye. It was a really warm and hilarious dinner.

one fish-eyed brother
Dad treated us to black tofu. Tastes just like tofu, except its entirely black.

Days in Penang are always filled with food. Being around the world for one whole year, I now understand that there is no food in the world that can touch my heart like how Penang food can. Seriously.

We had durian one fine afternoon. I’m not a big fan but good durians are always part of my memories in Penang. And i discovered that my family had invented a new way of eating durians. with chopsticks haha.

daddy with durian

My aunt brought us for buffet one afternoon. The char kuay teow was not the best in Penang but good enough! I’ve had char kuay teow thrice ever since i’m back. Favourite Penang dish everrrr.

look at my happy face!

My cousins had free tickets to the annual Astro Talent Quest this year so we went. I had no idea who the contestants were and stuff but it was an enjoyable performance I guess. The little kids were stars of the show, rather than the contestants. Haha but i’ve developed a liking for the 1st runner up girl.

free vip tickets for 4!
the stage was really pretty.

I caught Harry Potter on the first day it premiered thanks to my brother. It was a good ending, i’m grateful that David Yates brought about a good closure to a part of my teenage hood. I like how he portrayed Neville especially. And Harry has really cute kids!

albus severus potter p:

and I read Rick Riordan’s latest book on the Kane Chronicles. It was satisfying. I’m quite sad that there’ll only be 3 books in this series :[ oh well i still have my olympian series to look forward to!

It has been a good summer.


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