another weekend has passed.

school is starting tomorrow.

i finally met up with my best friend khoon after one long week of hall camp. we checked out the borders clearance sale at expo and i’ve got 6 gems after sieving through rows and rows of books!

From top left, Mark Twain’s Letters from the Earth in which, he reviews events from the beginning of our world as the Father of History. Can’t wait to put my head into it! On the top row I have The Italian Secretary and Finn, both are adaptations of Sherlock Homes and Huckleberry Finn respectively. I have this thing for classic characters.

On the bottom left, an anthropology book on gender called Gender Violence; followed by two linguistics books on child language and sociology/racism. Not bad! it was $2 dollars per book haha but there were tons of useless books i had to look through before finding these.


after which we had high tea at coffee bean haha. and we talked about work marriage and life again. this topic seems to occur very frequently nowadays. especially among my girl friends. I guess it is inevitable to feel insecure at this point of time when we are graduating in a year, heh i can’t help but feel a little nervous about it whenever we talk about such stuff but actually, i’m not really that bothered. which i don’t know is a good or bad thing. mom was really surprised when she found out that i was quite settled to lead a single life, i mean i don’t mind because i know i can feed myself. but who knows what i will think in years when friends around me start settling down.

my blue toesocks as my belated birthday present whee! khoon said she spent a lot of time looking for it although it seemed like a really common and usual (sock)thing. I guess its the same with your life partner. I mean when you think about it you know who you really want. Just a simple guy that you can live with for the rest of your life. Just one that fits. But its not that easy to meet the one that suits you. yeah.


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