the times we spent together.

meet brownie.

it has been almost a month since i left home.
yet i feel more distant from home than i was in the past one year.
I am one year from graduating. One year from stepping into the workforce.
One year from now i won’t be able to see my family as often as four times a year.

Snapshots from Hatyai, Thailand:

manager 1
manager 2

now who looks like a better manager?

hmm annoying boy doesn't like that his picture is taken
but the sister doesn't care. hahaha
one of life's great mysteries.
thai cakes!
cheap swensens ice cream we had 5 huge cups of it O.O
tuktuk uncle looks annoyed haha
group shot!
texas mozza. we had like 6 of them over 2 days.
ancient wooden horse spotted in thai restaurant!
last lunch in thailand

Snapshots from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

lunch at the hotel's italian restaurant
my artistic shot at dad haha
daddy why you look so stern
italian coffee
nice quote spotted in the hotel lobby
in front of pavillion
dream heels i can never master
dinner; amused by the 功夫茶 pot hahaha
bye kay elle

Snapshots from Penang, Home:

lovely 'maggits'. mmmmmm.
my kind of dinner.
happy grandma
don't lick me!
homemade spaghetti for my last dinner
polaroids with the family

and i still don’t know if i should go home this weekend.


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