watched impre2012 semi-finals and ntu chinese orchestra’s concert today. hmm i think i’m either getting numb over all the performances i’ve watched in the past 20 years, or standards have dropped. i don’t get easily fascinated or thrilled over student productions anymore. is that a sign of an undergraduate senior?

playlist that i’ve been hopelessly looping the entire weekend:

  1. Cherish/Cherish – Glee Cast
  2. If No One Speaks of – The Marshmallow Kisses
  3. Come Together (15 Live Album Version) – Khalil Fong

tonight on the subway home i chatted with a long-time senior over boy-girl relationships. it is true that as we grow older our options are narrowed, because as we mature we come to know who we are actually looking for and what to look for. he thinks that we become picky over time; but for me i choose to think that we become wiser. i, for one, have been looking at my past and shaking my head at the choices i’ve made. i have yet to meet ‘the one’ in this life. still waiting for my Father to write my love story. but its okay, i’m really comfortable with where i am right now. and really honestly i’d rather be happily alone than rushing into a relationship with the wrong one. 单身无罪,爱情万岁!


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