sea of green, butterworth ’12

i’m back in Penang, and other than lurking around my parents/grandma and eating, i’ve been travelling a bit in my home country. i’ve been missing for the entire month of april and i’m taiwan-bound in a week, so lots of catching up to do! Basically in the month of April I have: done quite a fair bit of exploring in Singapore, finished my undergraduate linguistic exams and papers, went for a handful of interviews, read some excellent books (mention-worthy: shane claiborne’s the irresistible revolution and eric & leslie ludy’s when God writes your love story) and trying hard to grow up.

we went over to the mainland to on labour’s day, and spent the afternoon driving around the paddy fields there. all my life being a penangite i never knew paddy fields existed in our state. haha i still have a lot to learn about my hometown. there is something extremely comforting about vast spectrums of greens, and i thought about how simple life can go on in this corner of the earth. life could be so simply lovely, when we know how to appreciate every ounce of it. i shall learn to be more contented with what God has gave me.

i wanna live under that tree


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