The Bayfront

It seems that I have been more touristy in Singapore this year. I guess I sorta miss travelling. I wouldn’t mind being a full-time traveller, but now’s not the time yet. Anyway I visited the sky park and the Gardens when my parents came last month. Nothing too interesting for me but it’s an ok tourist place to show your parents (the new) Singapore…

View of the Gardens from the Sky Park
The Central Business District. A lot of my friends work there

The Gardens. I was a little worried that it would be over-hyped but it was okay. A few of the flowers weren’t in full bloom yet, but my parents enjoyed it. I wouldn’t go back again though, i’m not THAT fond of nature and the entrance fee is a little steep. And it started to rain again after we left the domes. And there was no shelter from the Gardens to MBS, hence we had to run in the rain. Poor parents. And i attempted to run through a glass door, and I ended up half-dazed for the rest of the evening with a big bump on my head. I hope they’ll built a sheltered walkway out of the Gardens.

I miss home already! One more week to returning!

Daddy and me before entering the Gardens
Favourite flowers. They look like they have faces!
Love this pastel!
The cloud forest. I was mostly terrified while walking through it. ._____.
The supertrees

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