Snippets of May’13


i inherited my mom’s first camera! i’ve been wanting to get a film camera, and i toyed with the idea of getting a superheadz or a sprocket rocket, but…i wanted to watch my budget more tightly and own lesser stuff this year – so i found out from my mom that she still has her old camera, so yay i wanna experiment with film life a bit first before getting my own!
IMG_8191IMG_8173family dinner for mother’s day! over at our old teochew restaurant in butterworth.
IMG_8158 IMG_8223my bundle of joy! my niece abigail is learning to speak now and she is so keen to learn! always a delight watching her. i’m also curious about her language development because she is picking up english words, mandarin words and hokkien words right now haha.
2013-05-02 21.55.42found a new favourite wanton mee place in penang! its next to new world park :] very local very yummy!
2013-05-04 02.58.59heh my cousin gave me a DAP shirt to wear to my first rally. it has my chief minister’s face on it hahaha. i don’t really like wearing faces on my shirt but i guess i should be proud of him for doing such an awesome job so far.
2013-05-11 16.52.02mommy made homemade cinnamon rolls! super yummy heh omg being at home is like heaven.
2013-05-14 18.08.31-1went walking with mommy and daddy at air itam dam. they wanted me to let my tortoise tobias live there instead and…i was convinced T_T i think i’m gonna miss her but i guess she would be a lot happier swimming freely in nature.
2013-05-14 18.31.19my penang char kuay teow heaven :9 i love mr ah leng at zoo road!
2013-05-17 23.42.10i got my second pass-me-down bag from my mommy! found it while looking for the film camera, heh its a bit heavy and its 20 years old but i love it! my current favourite bag~
spotted some 相思豆 while accompanying my dad jogging in USM. its been so long since i saw some of these! Nostalgic!


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