Child of the Sea

got to visit the river safari thanks to my visiting cousin

I enjoyed the river safari a lot more than the singapore zoo! I was actually a bit bored at the zoo. I think its because I’m more of a water creature person. I’ve known that ever since…Pokemon haha. I would totally love to be a daughter of Poseidon!!! I was almost always excited and fascinated at the river safari. Water creatures are so amusing, comical yet graceful. I had a lot of fun! The pandas weren’t really the highlight of my trip hahaha because I’ve seen pandas twice before this, and the experiences in Hong Kong and Chengdu were much better than this time.

ducks! nothing worth screaming over but I was really entertained by their paddling. I could stay in front of this tank forever hahaha.

can’t remember the names of these two fishes but don’t they look funny and unique! God’s creation is so amazing <3

dwarf crocodile

there were loads of different crocodiles in the safari but these two were my favourite! the dwarf crocodile looked like a tiny dinosaur. it just closed its eyes and stayed in that position the whole time. one of the things i keep overhearing in the safari was: do you think its real?是真的嗎? haha felt like rolling my eyes so many times. of course its real you paid good money to see them! the crocodile in the second photo was super huge i couldn’t capture the whole of it with my camera; but it reminds me of the crocodile after captain hook in peter pan XD

tiger fish

these fishes may look gleamingly attractive and harmless, but they are actually really ferocious. our guides say they eat cows okay o_o these are just baby tiger fishes but you can see their scary looking teeth coming out already.

pretty golden pheasant from china! overheard a mom telling her kids this is a parrot =_= some people don’t even bother to read descriptions hahaha.
stars of the safari. i don’t really like how their habitat is constructed. they had hills, tall trees and bushes around making it really hard for us to see the pandas. i understand that they may be trying to reconstruct part of their natural habitat, but it makes our experience with the pandas really difficult. it was really crowded, and the pandas would prefer to hide under the shades so we had to squeeze around and wait for them to show their face. i liked ocean park’s wide concept, and of course chengdu’s was great because it’s a panda conservation centre.

overpriced panda buns haha

we took pictures with and of all things panda haha.

graceful otter

i loved all the sea creatures but couldn’t really get good shots of them. i like watching otters swim, they swirl around and dive so gracefully! this polar bear was amazingly huge, i don’t think i have seen such a big bear in real life. very cool!

we had a fruitful morning. water and sea creatures gives me some peace somehow. i would totally come back if the tickets weren’t so expensive! 0_0 25 bucks for three hours of joy. i guess i have to treasure these memories closely haha.


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