Finding Ernest in Singapore

I finally found time to track down Ernest Zacharevic’s work in Singapore! Couldn’t find a lot of information online, I guess the feedback wasn’t as strong here as compared to Penang, but I have to say, all his pieces here are quite magnificent!

Spent some time walking around in Haji Lane/Arab street looking for it, but actually the bulk of it is along Victoria Street. Just walk straight from Raffles Hospital along Victoria Street if you’re coming from Bugis Station! :]

Ernest in Singapore
At the intersection of Jalan Pisang and Victoria Street

If you followed the directions above, this will be the first mural you see! It is a full body mural. Its position is quite apt as well as it faces the primary school opposite haha! The little girl looks so innocent and adorable <3

Ernest in Singapore
At the intersection between Jalan Klapa and Victoria Street
Ernest in Singapore
Spot the feet!

The next mural you will see is this one, titled ‘Hide and Seek’. The body of the little boy appears at the other back of the building. I love his creativity with the mundane pipes that we are so used to seeing.

Ernest in Singapore
At the intersection between Jalan Klapa and Victoria Street

On the same building you will see this cute little piece! Ernest is really good at combining his art with real life material. This piece evoke some good childhood memories. When I was tiny enough to fit into a trolley, going to the supermarket was the biggest treat ever. I love being pushed around!

Ernest in Singapore
At the intersection of Jalan Sultan and Victoria Street

This tiny piece marks the end of his art on Victoria Street! Loved how he added some magic on to the huge old boring wall.

Ernest in Singapore
At the intersection of Everitt Road and Joo Chiat Terrace

This is my favourite! I already knew how awesome it was from the pictures online, but the colours really stood out when I saw it in real life. Very vivid work! Couldn’t get a good shot at it because of all the cars parked along the road :( oh and my friend and I were wondering why he chose Malay kids as his subjects in this piece. Only after walking around did we realise that there’s a major Malay community living around Joo Chiat! Hahaha I really don’t know the east of Singapore very well XD

Ernest in Singapore
Minions right around the corner!

I was so sad to see them blocked by garbage bins and parked cars. Poor little minions :[

I feel like his work here deserves more recognition! Although they are located at quite ‘ulu’ spots, it was quite fun treasure hunting all over again, like how I did in Penang. I hope his work speaks and brings joy to some Singaporeans one day!

Finding Ernest in Penang


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