Cake in Cups

Baking Project 1: chocolate cakes in cups

第一份功課,決定嘗試媽媽常做的巧克力蛋糕。為了創新,把蛋糕裝進杯子。可惜巧克力蛋糕是super moist那種,不太適合坐在杯子裏呵呵。不過成果與味道是挺成功的!我不再害怕做蛋糕這回事了嘻嘻。

1. Preheat oven, grease cake tin
2. Sieve baking powder (1tsp), baking soda (3/4tsp), cocoa powder (40-60g) twice
3. Beat buter (180g) and brown sugar (300g) till fluffy
4. Add in egg one at a time (total 3 AA eggs), add in vanilla (1.5tsp)
5. Add in flour (200g) and water (300ml) alternately until finish
6. Add kahlua (1tbsp) and mints (1/4tsp)
7. Bake at 160C for an hour
8. Double boil cooking chocolate (150g), butter (50g), milk (50ml) for sauce



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