Baked Lemon Curd Cheesecake



1. 底層

Beat salted buter (200g) and icing sugar (100g) till well combined. Add in 1 egg and beat well.
Add flour (380g) and vanilla (1tsp) and mix into a dough.
Press dough onto pan, prick holes, bake at 150-160C till golden brown.

2. 烘蛋糕

Beat cream cheese (500g) and caster sugar (90g) at low speed till smooth.
Add eggs one at a time (total 2) and mix well.
Mix in grated lemon rind (1.5tsp).
Bake at 170C for 20 minutes.
Let cake cool in oven with heat off for 1 hour, then chill in fridge for 6 hours.

3. 檸檬醬

Mix well: unsalted butter (50g), caster sugar (60g), egg, grated lemon rind (1tsp), lemon juice (2tbsp).
Double boil at medium heat until thick and smooth, keep stirring constantly.

Baking project 2: lemon curd cheesecake


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