High Scorers’ Concert, Penang 2016

High Scorers' Concert, 2016High Scorers' Concert, 2016High Scorers' Concert, 2016High Scorers' Concert, 2016


上一次考的時候我才15歲,剛到新加坡的那一年。為了不想中斷鋼琴學業,我在新加坡硬著頭皮自己報考自己學自己去考場。我還記得考scales and arpeggios的時候,我還中斷了好幾次必須重來,心想這次完蛋了報考費報銷了,怎麼知道竟然及格了。不知道是考官同情我還是怎麼樣,拿到了剛剛好及格的分數-100/150。雖然不是什麼耀眼的成績,那時候覺得在沒有老師指導的情況下可以及格已經很好了,也成為自己常常說嘴的一件事。





I took my ABRSM Grade 8 piano exam for the second time this April, 13 years after I took it the first time. And I got invited to the ABRSM High Scorers’ Concert for the first and last time ever in my life.

I owe this opportunity to be on stage to my teacher. He pushed me to reconsider my first results, a bare pass with the score 100/150, and urged me to achieve perfection with the confidence of my potential. On the day of my performance, I awkwardly realised that I was the oldest among the performers, a harsh cruelty of the music world where talent is quickly sifted out at a young age. I was still a nerve wreck when I stepped on stage, but those few minutes of complete silence where I enjoyed the attention of the world with just me, the Steinway Grand and the music flowing off my fingers were absolutely heavenly.

This concert is yet another reminder to me that hard work brings you somewhere, even in the least expected moments and circumstances. And yes, I’ll take this as a sign as well that God doesn’t want me giving up music just yet! :)


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