Lavish 可頌天堂

Lavish, Penang 2016Lavish, Penang 2016Lavish, Penang 2016



這個咖啡館是檳城本地連鎖麵包店Love a Loaf的新發展,開張前去的時候很喜歡店裡有點chill的氛圍與格調,開張後去人滿為患之後,忽然覺得空間小得讓人有稍微喘不過氣的感覺。另外雖然主食是義大利麵,號稱是咖啡館,但義大利麵和咖啡都不是這家店的強項。畢竟是麵包店出身,那就好好吃好吃的麵包就好!


This gelato cronut had me guilty all weekend.

The latest addition to Georgetown’s offering of cafes is Love a Loaf Bakery’s latest venture, Lavish. Their croissants are one of the best in town – I loved the mini butterlicious croissants and enjoyed the croissant donuts, but I have to say my pleasure was tainted with guilt all the way so, try at your own risk!

The chill atmosphere on my first visit pre-opening was quite a treat, but the crowd on my second visit post-opening made the whole experience suffocating, especially with all the calories chugging down my arteries. Pastas and drinks were a miss so I’d say put all your money on the pastries if you decide to visit!

Lavish Fusion Bakery
214 Lebuh Victoria, Penang
Hours: 0800 – 2300


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